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Country:  Canada

Style:  Barley Wine

ABV:  17%

Brewery:  Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

Glass:  Chalice Glass

Tasting Notes:  Aged from two to eight years in Andalusian sherry and brandy barrels, Jamaican rum barrels, American bourbon barrels, and Niagara Ice Wine Barrels, Divinity is akin to Invictus, but a softer, more varied experience embodying fifteen years of the Flying Monkeys’ evolution. Sweet notes of dried dates, sweet figs, and vinous dark raisins waft in the warm, aromatic stillness of earthy wood and smooth, creamy spirits. In the amber lights of this mahogany barleywine, hints of vanilla, toffees, and espresso emerge in ephemeral glimmers of this solera’s self-reflexive creation.

Divinity Barrel-Aged Barley Wine: About
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