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When storing your beer, it’s important that you have the right conditions so that it remains fresh and doesn’t go skunky.

The following are a few rules of thumb to store you beer:


Beer should be stored consistently cool.  If it is stored too warm, it will age too quickly.  Keeping beer in a refrigerator will preserve the beer and slow down the aging process. 

Keep in mind that cold beer also suppresses some of the flavours in your beer.  To help reveal the flavours in your beer after refrigeration, leave the bottle in a dark place for 20 minutes before you pour it to help bring the temperature up.

For those interested in Beer Cellaring, the ideal temperature is between 10 to 15 degrees celcius (50 to 60 fahrenheit) consistently throughout the year.



Light is extremely harmful to beer.  Light causes a chemical reaction in the beer that gives it a “skunky” taste that is not appetizing.  The best way to keep beer in a dark location is simply to box it.


Unlike wine, it is best to stand beer bottles upright (including those that have corks).  The yeast in beer (particularly those that are bottle fermented) will settle on the side of the bottle and when poured, it will cloud the beer.   Since beers are also not cellared for a long period of time, any bottles with corks will not likely see the cork dry out and contract before it is consumed.

Although some beer drinkers love the taste and appearance of the yeast in a bottle fermented beer, others do not like the appearance or taste.

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