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5 Fun Summer Beer Projects

Although summer is about half way through, there's still time to tackle some fun beer projects while the weather is still warm:

Pick a Style of Beer and Try As Many Different Brands As Possible

This is a fun way to learn more about beer and is something I did (and still do) when I first started my beer odyssey. Go to your local store, pick up a few pilsners, IPAs, or wheat beers at a time and taste them, taking notes to compare each brand.

Explore As Many Local Breweries As You Can

Do a little research and find some local breweries within easy driving distance and visit their on-site stores. Pick up a few beers from each and see which one(s) you enjoy the most. Not only are you helping those in your community that brew beer, you get to know the people who make the beers, a little bit about them, and many will deliver to you if you find yourself at home during the winter looking for beer delivery.

Create an Outdoor Space to Drink Your Beer

Whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment, design a space on your balcony, patio, or backyard for you to sit and crack a cold one. Get yourself a comfortable chair, table, and some breweriana to make your space your own.

Start Planning an Indoor Space to Drink Your Beer

Take a look around you house, condo, or apartment to see if there's a space you can set aside inside for a home bar or area. If you have one, see if there is anything you want to change. If there is a project there, determine if anything needs to be done while the weather is still warm (for instance, it's always better to paint when you can open a window for ventilation) and start planning (and doing those projects).

Enjoy Each Day While the Summer Weather is Here

Regardless of ambitious (or lack thereof), make sure that you're enjoying a cold beer on the hot, sunny days that remain in the summer of 2020. Believe it or not, we're half way through and the summer wheat beers will start to sell out and be replaced with pumpkin ales and other autumnal offerings. Make sure all of those summer offerings are enjoyed while they're still in stock and start freeing up space in the beer fridge for September in two to three weeks.

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