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Shop Local and Support Local Brewers

During this time of uncertainty and public health challenges from COVID-19, it's important to remember the local brewers in our communities that work hard to make the beer (craft and otherwise) that we drink day in and day out.

We've all been there....staring at a wall of beer in our local shops trying to figure out what to bring home with us, which becomes increasingly important that we pick something after waiting outside in a social distance line just waiting to get in.

Yet, while some are waiting in line outside, masked up, there are others just walking into a local craft brewery with no line and picking up something unique and fantastic to drink.

So, I'm putting the message out there. If you're near a craft brewery that's struggling to pay bills, allocating some of its tank space for hand sanitizer, or just suffering from a loss in sales, pop in and pick up a few cans or bottles and show your support. That's how were all going to get through this.

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